Red Fox Urine, 8 oz. LD301


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  • Model: 0-51537-00301-9

Pete Rickard's Trapping Urine - Red Fox Urine, 8 oz. LD301
Our Urines are collected from animals fed natural, high protein, wild meat to insure their urine will smell as authentic as it would in the wild. Because fox urinate frequently to mark their territory, deer are accustomed to smelling their urine and are not alarmed by it's presence. In fact deer will follow any fox urine scent trail laid down by hunters for long distances. Pete Rickard's Urines are premium cover scents and should be used any time you want to hide your scent from wild animals. There is none better at any price. Each comes in an odor proof dispensing bottle.(Except gallon size bottle). All Urines are non freezing.