Bowhunter Deer Lure, 1-1/4 oz. BH700


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  • Model: 0-51537-09700-1

Pete Rickard's Attracting Lures - Bowhunter Deer Lure, 1-1/4 oz. BH700
The ultimate attractant and masking scent for the bow hunter. A special blend of pure musk and "passion tonic" that brings game in close. This mixture was specifically developed to mask human odor and to attract both bucks and does. In addition it effectively jamming the deer's nose and preventing it from winding the hunter, we have included a powerful scent to mask the human odor as well. Bowhunter Deer Lure Lure is an extremely provocative lure and often attracts deer strictly out of curiosity. It is effective for any big game application.